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Our Kobe Tribute Shirt has raised over $50K for Charity in just 3 days!

Posted on February 01, 2020 by Alex M

What an amazing response to our Kobe tribute shirts. We just want to say thank you to all those who have purchased and therefore donated. We raised over 40k in the first 24 hours and the orders have kept coming in. It's neat to see the orders but now seeing everyone send in their pictures wearing the shirts and telling us how much the shirts mean to them is just overwhelming. Kobe was one of our favorites and we couldn't be happier to create something to pay tribute to such a legend. We can't wait to share how much we raise. Our Goal is to reach 81k for Kobe!

Basketball Teams from all over the Country have been paying tribute wearing our shirts. Here's a High School team from Maryland. 

Even TNT's NBA reporter Allie Laforce has worn the shirt on the air. 

GV's new "Pittsburgh Started It" T shirt becomes the talk of the Sports World!

Posted on November 30, 2019 by George Vlosich

It has been a wild and exciting week for us at GV. Ever since the launch of our new Pittsburgh Started It shirt last Wednesday we have been getting orders by the second. It quickly became the hottest and most wanted shirt in Cleveland. On Friday night photographs leaked of Cleveland Browns Head Coach Freddie Kitchens wearing the shirt out in public. The photos reposted by us quickly went viral and overnight began to pick up even more steam. On Saturday virtually every single National Media Outlet featured the story. From ESPN, to CNN, to Yahoo, to Barstool. We have been getting requests all day long leading up to Sundays highly anticipated rematch between the Browns and Steelers. Here's a few of the photos and media outlets who picked up the story.

If you ask us Freddie has handled the whole incident extremely well. He took blame what happened and called out his players. Something the Steelers and Mike Tomlin refused to do. 

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Huge Turnout for our ALL Star Carlos Santana Event!

Posted on July 12, 2019 by George Vlosich

New Spring Training shirts are a huge hit!

Posted on March 07, 2019 by George Vlosich

We're so excited to see how amazing the response was for our new Cleveland to Arizona Spring Training design! We have sold out multiple times already and shipped them all across the country! We appreciate all the orders and all the pictures of them being worn out in Goodyear Spring Training already. Keep them coming! And much like Progressive field on any given night, the word around Arizona is GV shirts are everywhere! Take a look at the design and some fan photos below!

Cam Jordan rocks our Blow Whistles Not Games shirt at the Pro Bowl and National Media goes nuts!

Posted on January 28, 2019 by George Vlosich

The Saints Cam Jordan decided to make a huge statement at the Pro Bowl yesterday, and he did it using our shirt! He was seen on ESPN walking into the Pro Bowl with our shirt saying Blow Whistles Not Games, and Make Calls, Not Apologies. Soon after ESPN tweeted and posted it to their pages the shirt was the hottest thing in the Country. It has since been featured on Sports Center and the front page of almost every news outlet including Yahoo Sports. There are now hundreds of bootleg versions available so make sure you go support a local company and get y the original official shirt here.


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New Mural unveiled at the new Lebron I Promise School!

Posted on August 10, 2018 by George Vlosich

You’ve seen IT on every local news station!  You’ve seen IT on national news stories, including CNN.  You’ve seen IT on most sport’s programs, including ESPN.  But, the only way you can see IT live is by visiting and touring the LeBron James Akron “I Promise School”.  IT is a beautiful mural created by George Vlosich, exclusively for everyone who has the opportunity to be in the school.

In the early stages of development of the I Promise School, GV Art was invited by the LeBron James Family Foundation to tour the facility and talk through a vision of putting meaningful artwork in strategic areas throughout the school.  As we toured the facility, we noticed a wall going down a pretty substantial staircase, and thought there had to be something there. The stairwell would be a busy spot for kids coming and going, and it would get major traffic.  It was just too perfect and it seemed to lend itself to art.

In discussing this opportunity with the Foundation’s staff, we were made aware of some of LeBron’s mentors and heroes and people who had inspired him throughout his life.  Those stories gave George inspiration and ideas and the creative process began!  “I thought doing something a little bit more sports oriented would be cool for this project, so you see Muhammad Ali with a butterfly, Jackie Robinson, a young LeBron James, and some others.  I  wanted to include Martin Luther King Jr. in there because he was an inspiration for LeBron in his philanthropic life.  Overall, I wanted to create something visually inspiring that had a message using, not only the quotes, but the portraits as well.”

The mural took three weeks to complete!  It was done just in time for the school’s grand opening and first day of school on July 30.  We were able to tour the school, which will provide Akron students and their parents with resources and opportunities to overcome hardships and become successful in school and in life, the day before it opened.

The finished I Promise School for grades 2 and 3 is quite amazing.  It was really awesome to tour the school with my family and to see all of the “ins and outs” of the school.  It made us think of how great it is to be part of something so legendary.  This school could be the start of something nationally that transforms the way we educate our children.

We all know LeBron James as a great basketball player.  It is so enlightening to see him put into action other things that are close to his heart.  We can relate to that.

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From Goon To All Star! Back for one more run!

Posted on July 18, 2018 by George Vlosich

Pumped for our buddy Yan and the rest of our Cleveland All Stars! We decided to create a one of a kind All Star shirt featuring all 5 of the voted in guys. We also decided to pay tribute to the Original Goon with a one time retro re-release of one of our most popular shirts of all time. Our Goon Squad shirt was the first collaboration with the Indians players and still one of our favorite shirts ever. Check out the video below from Fox's National broadcast showing the behind the scenes of the Goons and what it meant to be a Goon! 

We had a great time launching our new All Star design with Michael Brantley at the game. 

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