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5th Largest Billboard in the Country

Sherwin Williams Billboard

George was commissioned by Sherwin Williams to create a piece of artwork that was made into a billboard showcasing Cleveland landmarks. It was the 5th largest billboard in the country, right in the heart of downtown Cleveland. The famous Nike LeBron billboard once hung in this same spot.

Lebron's I Promise School

I Promise Murals

George was asked to create a mural that could serve as an inspiration for students. It has become a focal point for the school and backdrop for media appearances. The first mural showcases Lebron and iconic and historic figures that have influenced his life. The mural was such a hit, they asked George to create a second mural featuring prominent and inspirational women to the school.

Casino Etch A Sketch

Cleveland Legends Mural

George was commissioned to create an Etch A Sketch for the now JACK Casino in downtown Cleveland. His Etch pays tribute to Cleveland legends like Bob Hope, Paul Newman, Drew Carey, and Superman. The mural is 30 feet wide and prominently displays the original Etch A Sketch framed in shadow box.

St. Edward High School

Palisin Commons

George was asked to create a mural for St. Edward high school’s new 15,000 square-foot expansion. The centerpiece of the new commons is an 18 foot mural by George that depicts the history of the holy cross and St. Edward High School. The mural highlights the important elements of the school as well as their commitment to developing the hearts and minds of their students.

St. Edward High School

Innovation Center

George was asked to create two murals that represent the right and left brain that leads you into the new innovation center at St. Edward High School. George wanted to incorporate fun ways to show both the creative side and analytical side of the human brain. Each time you look at it, George wanted there to be fun and new things to find and be a learning tool of things to discover as you walk into the classrooms there.


Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric commissioned George to create a mural featuring what makes it unique and all the things that Lincoln Electric has helped make and build in and throughout Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. The mural completely transforms the space into a great room to host guests from around the world.

Fitzmaurice Hall

Saint Joseph Academy

George was asked to create a mural for St. Joseph Academy in Cleveland to highlight the school's history in their newly remodeled Fitzmaurice Hall.


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