Since 1989 - at just ten years of age - George Vlosich III has been perfecting his talent on the Etch A Sketch. Each is an original work of art that takes 70-80 hours to create. Once finished, the piece is then preserved to stand the test of time. Every creation is uniquely different, and cannot be duplicated. They are featured in galleries throughout the world and have sold for more than $10,000. George has Etched many of the world's greatest athletes and celebrities and his work has been described as "the one continuous line that continues to amaze the world." George is proud to have paved the way for others to follow in his footsteps, but what continues to set George apart is his amazing story, his incredibly detailed etches, his worldwide publicity and his uncompromising passion to take his Etches to places no one ever thought possible.

When George was little, a typical day would consist of watching cartoons and drawing. When it comes to art George’s dad taught him everything he knows. When George would enter coloring contests he would never win - his parents couldn't figure out why. Then his dad entered George in an older age group and finally then, he won!

Around the age of ten, George was doing simple things on the Etch - Batman, Spiderman, California Raisins, etc. He was drawing and etching anything around him that he had interest in. He also started combining sports and Etch Art - two of his favorite things. Drawing on the Etch just came naturally to him. The Etch A Sketch became a new way for him to express his artistic talents. It was a new challenge - and he just wanted to see how good he could get. The more George Etched the better he got at drawing, and the more he drew the better he Etched.

George always acknowledged that art is a God-given talent. He’s been drawing since he was two years old, but the real magic on the Etch A Sketch started in 1989 on tbe Vlosich’s family trip to Washington D.C. Before they left, they stopped over George’s grandparents' house to say goodbye. His mom pulled out her old 1960's Etch A Sketch so him and his brother would have something to play with in the car. George etched a picture of the U.S. Capitol. When he was finished, his mom and dad were amazed! His dad saw it and immediately stopped at a gas station to take a picture of his creation before I erased it.