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About George

George Vlosich III is known as the world’s best Etch A Sketch artist. Over the years, he has etched many of the world’s greatest athletes and celebrities including Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, The Beatles, The Royal Wedding, Michael Jackson, and Will Smith, as well as receiving an invitation to the White House to meet and have his artwork signed by former President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore.  

These incredible Etch A Sketches have garnered a great deal of media attention. George has been featured on Oprah, 20/20, CNN, Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman, and ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption to name a few. His work has also appeared in various other national, international, and local media outlets.

Going Beyond the Red Frame

elevating the linework

Each completed Etch A Sketch is an original work of art that takes 75-100 hours to complete. Once finished, these pieces are preserved, allowing them to be featured in galleries and collections around the world. Most of George’s personal collection of Etches have been signed by the awe-struck celebrities depicted in his art.

going beyond the red frame

turning the etch into Murals

What started out as a toy, George has taken to a level no one thought possible with each piece getting more and more detailed. He is now taking the line work from his original Etches and creating large paintings and murals. They are in homes, offices, stadiums and ballparks around the world.

etch a sketch murals

Cleveland Browns Legends

George was commissioned to create two original Etch A Sketches and a 40-foot mural of 15 of the top players in Cleveland Browns history for their new renovations at First Energy Stadium. Using the Etch allows George to design unique pieces that have mass appeal and create artwork and apparel that no one else in the world can create. It is truly one-of-a-kind.


Progressive field

George was commissioned to create a large painting and Etch A Sketch of the Cleveland Indians’ sluggers for Progressive Field in Cleveland.



First Etch A Sketch

It all started in 1989 on family trip to Washington D.C. Before they left, they stopped over George’s grandparents' house to say goodbye. His mom pulled out her old 1960's Etch A Sketch and on the trip George etched a picture of the U.S. Capitol. When he was finished, he showed his parents, they were amazed and his dad stopped at a gas station to take a picture of it.

The etch continued

"Honestly, the most satisfying part of my work is seeing the reaction people have to it."

- George Vlosich

Contact Us

Due to the intricacy and time taken to design each piece, George only creates a limited number of original Etch A Sketch pieces each year. George takes 100 plus hours to create this one-of-a-kind pop art. Each piece is permanent and will stand the test of time. If you're interested in purchasing an original Etch, contact George today. Regardless of what you currently have in your collection, your Etch will be the most talked-about piece. George also makes personal appearances. He is available to draw attention at sporting events, trade shows, and other venues to promote your business. His unique artwork is widely recognized and always attracts media attention. George has done it all with consistent success and outstanding publicity.