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GV's new "Pittsburgh Started It" T shirt becomes the talk of the Sports World!

Posted on November 30, 2019 by George Vlosich

It has been a wild and exciting week for us at GV. Ever since the launch of our new Pittsburgh Started It shirt last Wednesday we have been getting orders by the second. It quickly became the hottest and most wanted shirt in Cleveland. On Friday night photographs leaked of Cleveland Browns Head Coach Freddie Kitchens wearing the shirt out in public. The photos reposted by us quickly went viral and overnight began to pick up even more steam. On Saturday virtually every single National Media Outlet featured the story. From ESPN, to CNN, to Yahoo, to Barstool. We have been getting requests all day long leading up to Sundays highly anticipated rematch between the Browns and Steelers. Here's a few of the photos and media outlets who picked up the story.

If you ask us Freddie has handled the whole incident extremely well. He took blame what happened and called out his players. Something the Steelers and Mike Tomlin refused to do. 

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