RNC In Cleveland and GV is Everywhere!

This is a big week for Cleveland and we are proud to be the official apparel vendors for the event. We have locations all over the city and have some special new launches. 

With such a historic election and The RNC here in Cleveland George even created this Etch A Sketch of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

George has Etched some of the world’s greatest athletes and celebrities. He has been invited to The White House, spoke at the Kennedy Center and was a part of a Gallery Show called Manifest Hope in 2008 hosted by Shepard Fairey.
Like the Donald himself, this Etch A Sketch is unique and one of a kind and cannot be duplicated by anyone else in the world. It is one continuous line, no secrets just years of perfecting his skills on the Etch. To see how he does it got to the videos section on the website.
Check out our entire USA Collection here. https://gvartwork.com/collections/usa-collection