2015 NBA Finals Lebron James Etch A Sketch Video

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Check out our latest artwork and video for the 2015 NBA Finals of Lebron James.

In 2007 we created our first youtube video, song, and t-shirt that showcased our talents and launched our GV brand. It showed, from start to finish, how George Vlosich III created his one-of-a-kind artwork on the Etch A Sketch.

The video had 1 million views in a week and was selected for "best viral video of the year" by 20/20.

Now, with the NBA Finals back in Cleveland we are launching a new video with even more detail, and another original song written by George Vlosich Jr.

Check out the video of the world’s greatest basketball player by the world’s greatest Etch A Sketch artist from CLEVELAND, Ohio.

Thanks for watching and go CLEVELAND!