Started by brothers George III, Greg and their father George, GV Art + Design is a creative boutique specializing in original artwork, design & apparel. George and Greg have been drawing since they were two years old, for them art is a God-given talent and sports and art have always been their passion. Their creativity has given them the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in sports, entertainment & pop culture.
Their work has always stood out making headlines in both local & national media. From SportsCenter, TNT, MLB Network and Jimmy Kimmel, to the front pages of Yahoo, ESPN, NBA.com and Sports Illustrated just to name a few. GV is sought after by some of the largest companies in the world. Their creativity and background in art, design and advertising gives them versatility and the ability to create campaigns that are fresh, unique & on trend.

After high school, Greg received a scholarship to the Cleveland Institute of Art but after one year decided to follow his dream of playing Division I college basketball and transferred to Cleveland State University where he made the team as a walk-on playing four years for the Vikings. He graduated from CSU with honors earning a degree in graphic design. Greg’s passion & determination have been pivotal in starting and growing the GV brand into what it is today.

Along with their apparel and traditional artwork, what really sets GV Art + Design apart is something no one else in the world can offer; original one-of-a-kind pop art on the Etch A Sketch that has captured the attention of the world. George III first picked up the Etch A Sketch when he was 10 years old and the rest is history. Known as the world’s best Etch A Sketch artist George also received a scholarship to the Cleveland Institute of Art where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Before founding GV Art + Design, George spent 10 years at one of the largest ad agencies in Cleveland, winning numerous awards as an art director there.

George has etched many of the world’s greatest athletes & celebrities and his work has been described as “the one continuous line that continues to amaze the world.” His works sell for thousands of dollars and have been featured in galleries across the country. George has always pushed the boundaries of what can be done turning this toy into collectible pieces of art. Taking the linework of the Etch A Sketch George is now going beyond just the red frame creating large paintings and murals and has worked with major companies like Disney, Adobe, Fandango, and various professional sports teams. Using the Etch allows George to design unique pieces that allow for great content and mass appeal. In a world where everyone is trying to stand out this is truly as unique as it gets and amazes anyone who sees it.

T-shirts have become another canvas for GV to showcase their artwork and creativity.  While most companies wait to hop on the band wagon of what’s hot, GV has always made it a point to try and create that hype or put their own spin on it. As fans themselves they know that shirts with just a name or logo on it has become stale and boring. Over the last ten years GV continues to set themselves apart in an overly saturated market through their ideas and designs. Each shirt is a statement that creates a connection between the fans and the city. They build relationships with pro athletes by focusing on enhancing each players brand, showcasing their personality and what makes them unique and special.
GV’s first athlete collab was with the Cleveland Indians’ Goon Squad back in 2013. They took what was a locker-room slogan between the players and created an identity around them that took the city by storm and propelled the team to a memorable playoff run. This was the first of many successful player campaigns which has made GV so sought after by both players and agents.

GV’s stores have become a destination spot in the city. What originally started in their parent’s basement has grown into four stores and a super loyal following with lines wrapping around their building to get their latest drops.


It all started when GV teamed up with the Cavs and Quicken Loans to create a time-lapsed video of George etching a portrait of LeBron James on the Etch A Sketch.  Everyone saw George’s finished work but never saw the process and how it was created. So, for the first time, George showed how it is done and the result went viral. They created a whole campaign around it called One Town. One Team. One Dream. The campaign even won a gold medal in the Cleveland Addy Awards. It was the first time GV worked together and designed and produced a t-shirt from start to finish. They found they really enjoyed the process. George II even wrote the rap song in the video which the Cavs used all season the following year. Launched during the NBA Finals this video quickly jumped to 1 million views on YouTube in just a few days. It was picked by 20/20 and YouTube as one of the top viral videos of 2007 and the start of something great...


In 2008, GV started creating Cleveland themed shirts around their campaign called Cleveland That I Love. It was more than just a slogan; it became a mindset. At the time Cleveland was associated with negativity and failure. There’s a lot of good in Cleveland and GV believed others felt the same way but didn’t know how to express it. Through their original and creative designs, GV gave them that outlet to showcase their love for the city, quickly becoming a strong voice in Cleveland. Their supporters have proudly worn their shirts all around the world with orders being shipped to over 50 different countries. What started as a way to showcase their passion for their city has become a brand recognized all throughout the nation.

through the years

As kids, George & Greg through their artwork were excited to meet some of their favorite players. Now, over 25 years later, George & Greg are still creating artwork and continue to live their dream of now working and collaborating with both players and teams.