NBA Finals 2015 Lebron James Playoff Mode Etch A Sketch

In 2007 we created our first youtube video, song, and t-shirt that showcased our talents and launched our GV brand. It showed, from start to finish, how George Vlosich III created his one-of-a-kind artwork on the Etch A Sketch. The video had 1 million views in a week and was selected for "best viral video of the year" by 20/20.
Now, with the NBA Finals back in Cleveland we are launching a new video with even more detail, and another original song written by George Vlosich Jr.
Check out the video of the world’s greatest basketball player by the world’s greatest Etch A Sketch artist from CLEVELAND, Ohio.

NBA Finals LeBron Etch A Sketch

The one question George has been asked more than any other is: "How do you do it?" In June of 2007, He showed the world. To capitalize on the excitement and energy of the NBA Finals in Cleveland, George created a unique piece of original artwork: an Etch A Sketch of Lebron James. While creating the piece, He captured his work on video, and posted it on youtube. George’s father wrote the music in the video and the song was eventually used by the team as an intro to their weekly TV show on Fox Sports. They also designed T-shirts to go along with the video, which became a popular item in the Cavs team shop. This was there first shirt, little did they know there would be a lot more to come.

Within one week, the video had one million views. It was a featured video on YouTube, and, and it was showcased on the ABC TV series, "I-Caught". It was also named by 20/20 as "One of the Top Viral Videos of 2007" and was up for 2007 Best Sports Video in the second annual YouTube Awards.

Carmelo Anthony Etch A Sketch All Star

George’s second YouTube video was launched in February 2008 in Denver with Key Bank featuring NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony. Once again, George’s dad did a great job of writing another song that made the video even better. George did a press conference with Melo announcing that the bank would be launching the video and also giving away limited-edition Carmelo Anthony Etch A Sketch magnets at the game the next night.

George was even introduced at halftime while the video played on the Jumbotron. The video was a featured video on MySpace and was also chosen by guest editor Damon Wayans to be a featured video on YouTube during Black History Month.

Chicago Cubs Etch A Sketch. The FALL Classic

George’s third video wsa created from one of his favorite pieces. When George created the Chicago Cubs Etch it featured more players and detail then any work he had created at that time. With this video he set a new standard for himself. He put more time and effort into this piece than any other Etch. Ever. It took over a hundred hours, and when it came to creating the video, it was quite a challenge to compress all that footage down to 2 minutes. George’s father created yet another great song to go along with the video.